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Turn any tablet into a beautiful social photo frame when it isn’t being used.  Simply place a tablet into your FamilyFrameTM and check out photos shared by family and friends

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What is FamilyFrame?

Turn any tablet into a social photo frame when it isn’t being used.  Instead of putting your tablet aside when you aren’t using it, set it into your FamilyFrameTM. Download our easy to use ShareFrame companion app so that family and friends can easily share their favorite photos directly onto FamilyFrameTM.

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Features of FamilyFrame

Easy to use

Designed with the user in center so that it’s easy to setup and use for everyone.

Free app

The free SocialFrame app is available for both Android and iOS for direct photo sharing


SocialFrame is a secure and safe system that uses end to end encryption.


On-screen captions to make the photos more personal and fun.

Wi-Fi connected

Receive photos via WiFi from all your friends and family and enjoy the moments as they happen

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

1. Install the FamilyFrame app on your tablet and then share your FamilyFrame code with family and friends.

2. Once they install the app on their smartphones, they can send pictures directly to your tablet.

3. The FamilyFrame app on your tablet will automatically display the photos that are shared with you as the screensaver.

4. Set your tablet into the FamilyFrame when you aren’t using it and enjoy your loved one’s best moments!

Can I charge my tablet when it is in the FamilyFrame?

Yes you can.  The FamilyFrame is designed for tablets and has an opening in the bottom of the Frame to make it easy to plug any tablet in to a power source.

What happens when I am using my tablet?

Nothing. The FamilyFrame is intended to turn your tablet into a beautiful social photo frame when its not being used (rather than just setting it down on a table). But the FamilyFrame & FamilyFrame app won’t interfere at all with your regular tablet usage. Just think of it as a new way to make your tablet valuable when you aren’t using it.

Do you have a FamilyFrame for all different tablets?

We have FamilyFrames created for most major tablets.  When checking out, select your tablet and we’ll send you the right sized FamilyFrame!

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